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All about Cookies

Following on from my previous article about the new EU Cookie Law, many will be asking what exactly is a Cookie ?

Cookies are simple text files containing small amounts of information which are downloaded to your device when you visit a website for the first time.

They contain information about your computer and generally do not include any personal data at all. They cannot be used to infect your device with viruses or malware etc.

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New EU Cookie Law from 26th May – is your website legal ?

From 26th May 2012, new law states that all websites in the UK should ask all site visitors in advance  for  permission before storing “Cookies” on their PC. Failure to comply could result in a fine of up to a maximum of £500,000 for serious breaches.

The ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office), who are responsible for enforcing the law in the UK, have said they will take a dim view of organisations that fail to act before the deadline. ” Those who choose to do nothing will have their lack of action taken into account when we begin formal enforcement of the rules.”   –  Information Commissioner, Christopher Graham

The law also requires that you tell your visitors to your website about your use of cookies or other tracking technologies, and how they can delete or control them.

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Buy with Confidence from AML

We all know there are a lot of rogues out there waiting to grab your hard earned money from you so it is always good when you can get a trustworthy recommendation for a business before you use them. This…

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Why can’t I see my new web page ?

man on phone to support deskOne of the most common questions I get asked quite regularly after carrying out modifications or additions to a clients website is “Why can’t I see my new web page ?” I thought it would be useful to explain why this is and how to resolve it.

The “Techy” bit

When you visit a website for  the first time, your browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome etc.) communicates with the server (where the website is hosted)  which then sends a copy of the page and all its contents to your browser which it then displays for you to read.

Web pages contain a lot of content (e.g. words, images etc), made up of lots of  separate files so each of these needs to be downloaded to your browser individually before it can display the page. This is why sometimes you notice it takes a while to display everything, particularly if you have large images.

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Seems like it is video week …

Isn't it strange sometimes how things seem to come along together. I often get requests from clients to embed video into their websites but I haven't had that many lately. This week, I have embedded 7 videos in the last…

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Luxury extensions for your home

We have been working hard with our client, Metro Basements in London over the last couple of months to define their requirements and design and build a very minimalist website design around their logo and content. The design also had…

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Nothing But Mediation website goes live

We have been working with our client, Nothing But Mediation and their graphic designers (designpod-studio) to develop their new website and are pleased to say it has now gone live. Nothing But Mediation are based in Petersfield in Hampshire and…

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Have you been hacked recently ?

Some time ago I published a news article on this blog about how insecure many people's passwords were found to be, after reading a number of articles on the subject, in an attempt to highlight the importance of the issue…

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