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New Blog and CMS for TLM Property Maintenance


Just completed an interesting addition to the TLM Property Maintenance web site. They asked me to add a blog so that they could add articles and tips etc from time to time but this also meant that they needed some form of content management system (CMS).

This was a great opportunity for us to try out a great tool we have discovered recently which, in actual fact, is a content editing system (CES) rather than a CMS.

It is a fairly basic editor but is more than adequate for the job, really simple to use, easy to implement and most importantly can be easy retro-fitted to virtually any web site and also allows us to keep the costs quite low compared to other CMS systems. Also, unlike most other CMS systems, we can incorporate it without having to add an additional database which often means higher costs if your hosting package does not include this already.

This system allows us to add our CES to a web site in just the areas the client wants to edit (e.g. just the blog page) or more extensively across the site if required.

If this sounds interesting and it is something you would like to add to your current web site, give us a call and we can tell you more about it.


Steve Wood owns and runs Scalar Enterprises based in Portsmouth in Hampshire. He offers a range of services including Web design, Internet marketing and search engine optimisation (SEO) to small businesses and SMEs in Hampshire and the surrounding areas.

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