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My new website … at last

I'm sure you are all familiar with the old saying that a plumber never gets around to fixing his own dripping tap, well the same goes for web designers (and probably most other businesses I guess). A new website has…

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Phone scammers

Last October (2012), I wrote a post on my blog about cold calling tech-support scams entitled "Fighting back against the scammers". I have to say that at that time, I had never experienced it personally however, since I moved into…

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Hot stuff !

In this difficult financial climate, we are all looking at ways to reduce our costs and outgoings so a Solar hot water system might be something of interest for you. KSQ Solar Hot Water Systems are based in Portsmouth and…

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Another “How To” guide added

I was working on generating a couple of  email signature templates for a client today for him to use with Microsoft Outlook. You can of course configure a simple signature within Outlook using the basic editor but if you want…

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