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Share or Follow buttons ?

I often get asked to explain the difference between follow and share buttons on a website. This, understandably, can be a bit confusing as they can look pretty much identical but actually have very different functions. So what is the…

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Why can’t I see my new web page ?

man on phone to support deskOne of the most common questions I get asked quite regularly after carrying out modifications or additions to a clients website is “Why can’t I see my new web page ?” I thought it would be useful to explain why this is and how to resolve it.

The “Techy” bit

When you visit a website for  the first time, your browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome etc.) communicates with the server (where the website is hosted)  which then sends a copy of the page and all its contents to your browser which it then displays for you to read.

Web pages contain a lot of content (e.g. words, images etc), made up of lots of  separate files so each of these needs to be downloaded to your browser individually before it can display the page. This is why sometimes you notice it takes a while to display everything, particularly if you have large images.

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Which Antivirus tool ?

Probably the most important software you need if you have a PC is a good Anti-virus tool. Businesses are always looking at ways to cut costs and anti-virus software can be quite expensive so choosing one that suits you is…

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