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Add a new page with Seamonkey Composer

This brief guide will show you how to add additional web pages to your website using Mozilla’s Composer editor.



SeaMonkey icon Open SeaMonkey by double clicking on the desktop icon . The following window will open.


Seamonkey window 1 image

In the bottom left corner of the SeaMonkey window is a row of 5 icons.

If you hover over them with your mouse, you can see what each icon represents.

Click on the Composer icon (the middle one) to open the editor window:

Seamonkey composer window

Click on the “open” icon at the top left of the window, navigate to your local web site directory and select the appropriate “xxx .htm” file you want to edit.

If you are creating a new page, open your site template file if you have one (e.g. my-site-template.htm)

Seamonkey - open file
Save the template using File > Save-As and name the file e.g. “your-new-filename.htm”

Edit your new file as necessary.

Save the file.

Preview your new web page in the built in Seamonkey browser by clicking on the “Browse” button on the top menu bar.

Seamonkey editor window

Upload new file to the top level directory on your server using Filezilla (or what ever ftp tool you prefer)

Upload any new photos and images you have included in your new page to the relevant directory (e.g. images) on your server.

View your live site in your browser and check it all looks OK.

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