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How to do an E-mail Merge using Microsoft Outlook

(Apologies for the messy layout but this was put together rapidly. I will sort it out when I have more time.)


Open Outlook and check to see if Word is your e-mail editor.You may do so by going to Tools, Options, Mail format.


Check to see if the box is checked that says, “Use Microsoft Office Word to edit e-mail messages.” If the box is unchecked, place a check mark in the box and click OK.

Outlook options dialogue


Begin to create a new e-mail message. It is recommended that you have a document already completed to merge.
Copy and paste it into the body of your email message before you begin the merge.

Now you are ready to begin the merge by selecting Tools, Letters and Mailings, Mail Merge.

mail merge menu option


Select the type of merge that you would like to do…in this case, “E-mail messages,” and then select the “Next: Starting document” link.

Select the option, “Use the current document.”








Click the link, “Next: Select recipients.”

use current document
Now you are going to select your recipients from your external list.Choose the option, “Use an existing list,” and then browse and choose the desired file.


(see below for example file)





use existing list


Example format for your spreadsheet(save your .csv file as an Excel .xls file)email list spreadsheet example
This dialogue will open showing the details of your spreadsheetspreadsheet select table
Select OK and then this dialogue will open.





Click OK.


email merge recipients










Move on to the next step by clicking on “Next: Write your e-mail message”

write your email

Click on “Greeting line”

set up greeting line


From the drop down menu select the “firstname”.


Next, click on “Match Fields”

greeting line dialogue
Check that info on the left corresponds with the column names in your spreadsheet on the right.(You will need at least first name and email)match fields dialogue

You can now preview your email message with the backward and forward buttons.

(Check that it fills in the Dear “firstname” correctly)





When you are happy that it looks OK, click on “Complete the merge”

preview email merge


Click on “Electronic Mail”

select merge emails

Fill in your subject line




Click on OK and it will send the emails.

subject line and merge email dialogue



Break your mailing list into several smaller ones and stagger sending them,. If you don’t, your Internet Service Provider may think you are spamming and block your account.

If you want to send large amounts of emails, you can use a special email hosting company.

Remember to de-select Word as your e-mail editor if you had to set it at the beginning.

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