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Digital Marketing Landing Pages

If you are doing Pay-Per-Click (PPC) or other digital marketing, research has shown that the most effective method is to send visitors from your ads or email campaigns (or even flyers or newspaper ads) to very relevant web pages that support that particular marketing message rather than to your website home page with general non specific information.

static landing page example

If your ad is promoting a specific brand and model of training shoe for example, visitors expect to go to a web page that is specifically about that product that tells them more detail about it, not a generic page about shoes where they then have to start searching for the information they are looking for.

Such pages are called landing pages and these typically are not part of your main website but sit behind the scenes instead.

They are optimised around a specific topic (e.g. a product, service, event etc) and all distractions like navigation, links to other topics or pages etc are removed in order to keep the page visitor on track and lead them through to your “Call to Action” (CTA).

Different pages will have different CTA’s, e.g. you might want them to fill in a form with their name and email address if you are building a list for your newsletter. You may want to get them to give you their contact details as part of your lead generation activities, perhaps offering them a free download of your latest eBook or a money off coupon perhaps.

We work with our clients to develop relevant landing pages designed to convert.

Our designs are based on proven industry solutions but we also work with you to develop these to suit your particular requirements.

We can also work with you on ongoing projects trying out different versions of your landing pages using “split”, “A/B” or variant testing so that we evaluate which performs best and gradually improve the performance.

Call us today on 02392 660794 for more information and to get started.
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