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Which Antivirus tool ?

Anti virus tools

Probably the most important software you need if you have a PC is a good Anti-virus tool. Businesses are always looking at ways to cut costs and anti-virus software can be quite expensive so choosing one that suits you is always a bit of a compromise although the result of not having a good quality tool installed can be devastating if your machine gets infected.

A recent group test of the main security suite software in use today was carried out by Web User magazine recently and it revealed some surprising results.

The Gold award actually went to a free tool (AVG) as being best value for money and high scores. Of the best know commercial products, Norton came in 3rd position and McAfee was surprisingly way down the list.

The free AVG Anti-Virus tools came out with really good scores, the only negative point was that it does not include a firewall so you need to find a suitable one to install in order to ensure total protection to your system.

antivirus tool test result scores

Antivirus tool comparison test results

Personally, I have been using Norton for some time and have found it very good. The only thing I have found is the cost when it comes to renewal. Norton offer a facility to renew your licence on-line which is useful but expensive ! If you look around, you can usually find a copy on special offer which is quite often about half the price so it is usually cheaper to buy a new copy rather than renewing.

Looking at the group test results, if I was going to choose another tool, the best option that I liked the look of was Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security. The report indicates it costs a very reasonable £23 and it appears to have everything you need included.


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