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EU Cookie Laws


New EU Cookie Laws introduced in the UK in May 2012, require that we make you aware that we are using Cookies on our website.

We use Cookies to track visits to our site which enables us to analyse the data so that over time, we can improve the site to obtain better performance, content and user experience. Social media functions like “Follow me” or “Share” or Google Maps also need to utilise Cookies in order to function.

This means that this website will, as a result, place non-intrusive cookies onto your computer, mobile devices etc to enable this. These cookies do not contain any personal information.

If you are happy for us to save our cookies on your equipment, please just continue to use the site as usual.

If you prefer that we do not save Cookies on your computer, you can disable cookies in your browser. However, if you do so, it may result in some features on the site no longer working. Note that this will also effect any other site you visit after disabling them.

You can read more about how we use cookies in our Scalar Enterprises Privacy Policy

Learn more about Cookies in our blog article “All about Cookies.

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