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Scalar Enterprises Startersite

  • Starting a new business ?
  • Need a website ?
  • Is budget a bit tight ?
  • Need a low cost solution ?
scalar enterprises startersite

Then you might be interested in our low cost Scalar Enterprises “Startersite” website option.

Building a website takes time, the initial planning and design and creating the basic empty shell ready to add the content takes a lot of work. This initial part of the project has to be done whether the requirement is for a 3 page or 30 page website. Laying out the content and formatting it on each page takes further time. Obviously the more work we have to do, the higher the cost.

To help reduce the costs of a website for our clients, we have developed a small number of simple designs and pre-built them with dummy content so they can be set up and configured quickly which reduces the time it takes for the initial phase. Once set up, we just need your content (words and images) and we can drop this into the website in place of the dummy content.

The Scalar Enterprises “Startersite” website

Our Startersite solution is not as flexible as our bespoke design options but is ideally suited for low budget projects and startup businesses looking for an affordable website design to get them started. We just need you to provide the content.

Our Startersite design’s simplest option is a basic 5 page solution which is sufficient for most basic website requirements. The designs can be developed further (e.g. add more pages, forms, content, images, videos) to some extent (within the restrictions of the basic design) if required so it can continue to grow with your business.  For more complex layouts and features our bespoke options are probably better suited. We can do this additional development on an hourly rate basis to make it affordable.

Our designs are all mobile friendly so they dynamically adapt to different screen sizes which is very important these days.

Because the designs are pre-built it also means that we can turn the website development around quite quickly as long as you provide us with the content and we have suitable hosting and a domain name available.

Having your own images is always the best option if possible but we can advise you and point you in the right direction to find stock images to use on your website if required – some of these can be used for free, others you may have to purchase a licence to use. We can of course find and purchase them for you if you prefer, but this will obviously increase the costs.

If you need help with the text, we can get our copywriter to assist you, the same applies for graphic design and logos etc. Obviously this would add to the costs.

Hosting & Domain name

You will also need to purchase a domain name and hosting package for your website. We can recommend a reliable provider for this.

Give us a call on 02392 660794 to see if our
Startersite option is suitable for your new project.

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