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Ongoing Website maintenance

Getting your website on-line is only the first step of the marketing process, once live, you can’t just sit back and expect visitors and work to come flooding in because it won’t, you have to work on driving traffic to it and of course updating and adding new content to it to keep it fresh and interesting for your visitors.

Also, remember that it is not just first time visitors you have to cater for, if your content never changes, why would anyone come back to your site again once they have seen what is there ? Regularly adding new content such as interesting and informative blog posts or articles on your website is a great way of accommodating this and engaging your audience.

website maintenance and updates

If you have a content management system included in your site you can of course carry out some basic editing yourself, adding blog posts, modifying existing content etc but in some cases you will need additional help. Alternatively, you might not want to, or have the time, to maintain or manage the website yourself.

Website management

Scalar Enterprises are happy to provide the necessary services to manage, maintain or modify your website and offer this on an hourly rate basis making it a very cost effective, and manageable option. We have found this a preferable solution for our clients rather than paying regular monthly fees – it allows work to be broken down easily into small, affordable work packages that you can do as and when you can afford it – ideal for small businesses or those with restricted budgets!

There are a number of ways to do this. For simple updates or additions to existing content, we can take your new content from you as a text or Word document for example (plus separate image files if applicable) and add and re-format these on the website.

Where you need something more complicated such as additional functionality, features, customisation or layout modifications we need more detailed instructions in order that we can better assess what is needed. We can work with you to define the requirements if necessary, once the work package is defined we can identify a solution and integrate it for you.

There are many ways we can help, for example, if you need new content written we can bring in our copywriter,  or if you don’t have images we can assist in find suitable stock images or get our photographer involved. Whatever you need, ask us so we can see if we have a solution for you.

Give us a call to discuss what you need and how we can help you on 02392 660794
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